Where are the Parker Lands located in Winnipeg?
The Parker Lands are within the larger Parker Neighbourhood (1.654) and are centrally located in Winnipeg south of Taylor Avenue and the CNR Rivers Subdivision (CN Main Line), west of Pembina Hwy/Jubilee Avenue at the end of Hurst Way, just east of the Winnipeg Humane Society with the southern boundary on Parker and Heatherdale Avenues.  It is approximately 10 minutes by car or bus from Downtown and from the University of Manitoba.

The Parker Lands are approximately +/133 acres in a triangular shape (right angled) with the hypotenuse located immediately south of CNR Rivers (Main Line), west of Pembina of Hwy, east of Waverley and north of Beaumont Neighbourhood in the River Heights – Fort Garry Ward.

They fall within 800 metres of the proposed Parker Transit Station on the Southwest Bus Rapid-Transit Corridor (Stage 2) that is under construction through the southern half of the site.



                           Latitude/Longitude (Deg/Min/Sec): (49°51’0.88″N, 97° 9’51.61″W)  







What surrounds the Parker Lands in Winnipeg?
North: across CNR Rivers Subdivision, Grant Park Pavilions on Taylor Avenue and Manitoba Hydro’s former head office at 820 Taylor AVE with Hydro Sub-Station.

South: across MB Hydro Corridor, the Southwest Bus Rapid-Transit Corridor (Stage 2) and Parker/Heatherdale Avenues is the Beaumont Neighbourhood (1.602) which is identified as a ‘Mature Community’ in Complete Communities with a full range of municipal services.

East: across CNR Letellier Principal Branch Line, is Pembina Hwy/Jubilee Avenue junction.

West: adjacent to the site is the Winnipeg Humane Society and southwest of that is the City of Winnipeg’s waterworks W.D. Hurst Station and Ralph Cantafio Soccer complex.