Vision & Objectives

With a clear focus on our vision for Fulton Grove, we’ve set out a series of principles that inform our plan and guide our actions to make that vision a reality. Our objectives reflect the main themes that emerged from the process of public and stakeholder discussion:

Renewing the Heart - As a livable and healthy environment, the site and its urban hub, adjacent to the BRT station, will offer a desirable lifestyle with a range of housing options and activities in close proximity to each other. Most critical, the site will introduce a new neighborhood to the heart of the city.

Diversity of Housing - There will be a broad spectrum of housing choices from higher density living close to a rapid transit station to single family homes a short walk away and a range of apartments and walk-ups in between. This neighbourhood design is based on the principle that people deserve a quality, safe, neighbourhood regardless of their income level. People will have housing options to fit all their lifestyle choices.

Barrier Free - Fulton Grove will be home to people of all ages and mobility levels. Most housing will be easy to visit and support aging in place.

Connectivity and Walkability - The site will be one of the most connected neighbourhoods in Winnipeg placing priority on methods of transportation other than the car including Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), biking and walking while using an extensive Active Transportation (AT) system. Located along the Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor, the neighbourhood serves as an integral link in Winnipeg’s Bus Rapid Transit and AT Master Plans.

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Placemaking - At the centre of the redevelopment is the High Density Neighbourhood, a next generation, vertical, urban environment. Buildings and spaces between them will be carefully planned and designed, offering the highest level of comfort and safety throughout the day and night. This will include ample public spaces that are places people ‘want to be in’, well defined pedestrian walkways and excellent lighting.

Sustainability and Green Technology - Fulton Grove will be a modal for sustainability. The site’s higher density, compact urban design, reduced reliance on automobiles, and potential district geothermal heating and cooling will result in a reduction of approximately 1.5 tonnes of Green House Gases (GHG) per year per household. A development like this with a location next to a rapid transit station contributes to the City’s commitment to reducing GHG emissions as outlined in OurWinnipeg.

Economic Benefits - The construction of a new residential community in the City of Winnipeg will generate substantial economic benefits in terms of jobs, GDP, local incomes and tax revenue for all levels of government. The new neighbourhood will generate approximately $1.3B in economic activity ($674M is direct economic activity).