Site Development Plan (December 2017)

Inspired by Canadian Expertise in Transit-Oriented Development, the revised green spaces connect central gathering and play spaces with paths to achieve a completely walkable community. 

Residents of Fulton Grove will enjoy public meeting and play spaces with easy access to public transit and proximity to the surrounding major dog park, prairie lands and ponds.

This development fulfills the City's vision for the Parker Lands as a Transit-Oriented Development on a major redevelopment site. Through consultation, including open houses, we have listened to Winnipeg residents and planning experts and are excited to move forward on Winnipeg's premier transit-oriented community. 

Big Moves
Since August 2016 Site Plan
  • High-Quality Public Realm with Connected Green Spaces, Pocket Parks, Linear Parks and Central Gathering Spaces
  • Commercial Main Street as organizing Principle
  • Taller Multi-Family Buildings at back of Site

Defining a Prairie  Transit-Oriented Development

What Fulton Grove needs to Succeed
Public Spaces & Placemaking

  • Commercial Main Street as an Organizing Principle
  • A High-Quality Public Realm
  • Public Spaces for Public Life
  • Buildings that frame the street

  • Critical Mass to Create a Complete Community
  • What is the Rationale for More Density?
A Diversity of Housing Types

  • Urban Infill Strategies - A Variety of Building Typologies
Direct Connectivity and Walkability
Transit-Oriented Development

Public Spaces

Reconfiguring the Green Space

  • Changes to the site plan were inspired by further consideration of how the public space could best serve future Fulton Grove residents.
  • The linked parks and trails are consistent with best practices in urban development and balance the need for family play space and walking paths with public safety issues such as open site lines.
  • The previous allowance for a woodlot divides the site in two; the proposed overall green space links the Fulton Grove development as a truly walkable community.
  • A recent ecological review of the site identified that human intervention and use of the aspen woodlot attract invasive species such as the common buckthorn that threatens other natural vegetation.


A Critical Mass to Create a Complete Community

  • Complete communities are at the heart, the focal point, of OurWinnipeg
  • To create a community where people walk, destinations are required within walking distance - the commercial main street
  • To achieve densities that will make these local amenities viable, such as a local coffee shop or small-scale retail or offices, a critical mass is required
  • Under any circumstances, this will be challenging to achieve with Winnipeg absorption rates
  • Site cannot draw upon adjacent densities to assist with critical mass
  • Strategy is required to ensure enough critical mass is achieved to deliver on the vision

Rationale for More Density

  • Density is based on an Urban Neighbourhood Area TOD Zone. This zone is within the first 800m from the transit station and is defined in the TOD Handbook
  • Fulton Grove's Urban Neighbourhood Area will have a net density of 40-100 units per net acre.
  • Capitalizing on the investment in bus rapid transit
  • Demonstrate best practices in infill development
  • Proximity to low-density mature neighbourhoods
  • Adjacent uses that are not sensitive to intensification presents an opportunity
  • The resulting density will attract shopping and meeting spaces that contribute to a complete community.
  • A critical mass of people who rely on shared amenities within a specific geography is required to deliver on the vision

A Diversity of Housing Types

FULTON GROVE - Public Update - Building Typologies-01

Our Team

Team Members:

Jennifer Keesmaat  Former Chief Planner and Executive Planner, City of Toronto

Peter Norman  Vice President and Chief Economist, Altus Group

Michelle Richard   Principal, RW Planning

John Wintrup  Principal, RW Planning

Geoff Zywina  Project Manager, GEM Equities

Erin McCance  Senior Wildlife Biologist, Ecologic Environmental Inc.

Ciara DeJong  Principal, Ortech Consulting

Imy Kassam  Manager, Land Development, Morrison Hershfield

Andres Baez  Transportation Planning Engineer, Morrison Hershfield

Dave Stusek  Manager, Land Development, InfraCor Consulting Ltd.