The Development



Inspired by Canadian Expertise in Transit-Oriented Development, the revised green spaces connect central gathering and play spaces with paths to achieve a completely walkable community. 

Residents of Fulton Grove will enjoy public meeting and play spaces with easy access to public transit and proximity to the surrounding major dog park, prairie lands and ponds.

This development fulfills the City's vision for the Parker Lands as a Transit-Oriented Development on a major redevelopment site. Through consultation, including open houses, we have listened to Winnipeg residents and planning experts and are excited to move forward on Winnipeg's premier transit-oriented community. 


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  • Centralized Park with playground and quiet community feel
  • Mixed Housing allowing for a choice of living styles and preferences
  • High-Quality Public Realm with Connected Green Spaces, Pocket Parks, Linear Parks and Central Gathering Spaces
  • Commercial Main Street as organizing Principle
  • Taller Multi-Family Buildings at back of Site
Fulton Grove - A Complete Community
Public Spaces & Placemaking

  • Commercial Main Street as an Organizing Principle
  • A High-Quality Public Realm
  • Public Spaces for Public Life
  • Buildings that frame the street

  • Critical Mass to Create a Complete Community
  • What is the Rationale for More Density?
A Diversity of Housing Types

  • Urban Infill Strategies - A Variety of Building Typologies
Direct Connectivity and Walkability




Long Shot - Eye @ 6ft - Central Park - Layered (working)